How to add a Sendible Share Button to your website

Who is it for?

The Sendible Share Button has been designed specifically for agencies like yours that create and curate content for their clients.

How does it work?

The Sendible Share Button can be installed on any website or blog that you own, making it easy for clients and team members to choose from a library of content that you’ve created/curated and share directly through the Sendible Compose Box without needing to leave your website.

Will my clients need a Sendible account to be able to share my content?

Yes, if your clients and/or team members are not signed into Sendible or your White Label dashboard, they will be prompted to sign in before they can publish your content via the Compose Box.

Can I see some examples?

Sure, visit to see a live demo of how this works or check out this gif:

Installation Instructions

To install the share widget, you will need to embed a script tag in your page's markup as well as add the markup for at least one share button. The script tag needs to be embedded on the page that contains content you wish to share via the Compose Box.

Installation Steps

  • Visit to generate a your Sendible Share button script.

  • Once generated, add the script to your page in the position you want the button to be rendered.

  • If you need to add more than one share button then repeat the first step to add it as many times as you need.

Styling your Share Button

All the share buttons have a class of compose_share and have some basic styling applied to them through the widget code. If you wish to customize the way they look then use a.compose_share as the CSS selector and use the '!important' command if necessary.